Friday, September 19, 2014

Is anybody out there?

Hello everyone,
Recently, we made changes to the old website to include describing a plan for a major overhaul. We even asked for comments, and no one has said a word...   Our plan is to shift everything to free services, with exception of the domain - - which we will retain. The result of this? A website that is easier to maintain, to make documents available to everyone, receive feedback, provide integration with social media platforms, and so on, all at no cost.  The only residual cost will be the domain registration. Without the hosting fee (at our current rate for a website that no one maintains anyway) we save over a $100 annually. Let's face it. Costs are going up on services all around us, we need to find efficiencies where ever we can.  Any comments? Visit and follow the links. Share your thoughts if you want to be heard.